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Stronger Together: Hungerford U10s Build Bridges Through Football in Germany!

Our Under 10s football team, brimming with talent and wanderlust, recently completed a dream trip to Germany!

The journey began in the summer of 2023 when Poppy Risdale, an 8-year-old HTJFC player, met Vincent Wind from Hemsbach, Germany, during a holiday in Rhodes. Neither could speak each other’s language, but their love of the football overcame all barriers and they spent the next week kicking a ball around. Inspired by this, their dads conceived a crazy plan to take fourteen 8-10 year old Hungerford Football Junior Team players to Hemsbach to tour the local area!

Thanks to the dedication of parents, players, generous donations, and sponsorships from local businesses, the dream became a reality and on a cold rainy Sunday in May a convoy of cars and mini-busses set off on a 16-hour journey to Hemsbach.

Every day a match was played with a local football team, where the whole group (players, coaches, and parents) were welcomed with cheers and fabulous hospitality. Win or loose, the players enjoyed every game, met some amazing people, and created memories which will last a lifetime.

Off-pitch adventures included tobogganing, swimming, Footgolf, and exploring the Alla Hopp Park.

Chief organiser and HJFC U10’s football coach, Chris Risdale, said: “It was such an incredible experience for the team, we were welcomed into the Hemsbach community with open arms and shown such incredible kindness and generosity. I would like to thank all the local businesses, organisations and individual donors for supporting the HTJFC tour and also to Vincent’s father Christian and mother Michi who were instrumental in helping to organise the tour. I hope we can return the favour with an invitation for the Hemsbach team to visit Hungerford next year!”


A message from the Manager of Hungerford Town FC

(First Team)

Any life blood of a football club is the youth section and at our club we are no different. To have so many juniors at our home games is fully part of the match day experience for me. The bond between is stronger than ever.

Every child that loves football has the dream of being the next Lionel Messi or Fran Kirby or even a Jake Evans. We as a whole club believe in every single player whether they are in the first team or putting their boots on for the very first time.

Hungerford Town Football Club is about togetherness and being one family. This is nothing without our juniors and long may that continue.


Danny Robinson
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